Mace 9050 TakeDown Relief MK-IX Decontamination Spray

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Relieve the crippling burn of pepper spray with the TakeDown Relief MK-IX Decontamination Spray from Mace. Featuring a unique blend of herbal extracts, the relief spray is designed to drastically speed up the decontamination time needed to recover from a fresh coating of liquid mace. Mace's specialized formula cuts through the capsaicinoids that cause the devastating burning sensation that comes with pepper sprays. By offering speedier recovery times, officers can more quickly acquire information from contaminated suspects as well as provide immediate relief to unintended targets. The canister delivers a fine mist with a range of up to 12 feet.

  • Drastically speeds up recovery time
  • Herbal extract formula cuts through capsaicinoids
  • Acc-U-Sol trigger provides efficient deployment
  • Mist spray offers maximum controlled coverage
  • Range: 8-12 feet

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