Holsters stand as indispensable components of law enforcement duty gear and tactical equipment, providing a secure and comfortable means of carrying pistols or revolvers. CopsPlus recognizes the critical role a good holster plays, showcasing a diverse range from renowned manufacturers such as Safariland, Galco, Bianchi, BLACKHAWK!, and many more.
For law enforcement officers, the duty holster holds paramount importance, potentially influencing life-or-death scenarios. The selection at CopsPlus includes high-quality duty holsters crucial for officer safety and protection.
Tactical holsters, tailored for elite military and law enforcement use, emphasize peak performance in combat situations. CopsPlus proudly offers top models from leading holster manufacturers, accommodating various firearms, including those with weapon lights.
The popular belt holster, placing the weapon at the hip for easy accessibility, remains a favored choice. Pancake holsters, sitting close to the body, facilitate discreet carry, especially under lighter clothing. Paddle holsters, embraced by both law enforcement and civilians, provide a concealed carry option.
Inside-the-pant holsters prioritize maximum concealability for compact pistols and revolvers.
Shoulder holsters offer unique advantages, concealing under jackets and ensuring comfort during extended periods of use, ideal for officers at desks or in vehicles.
Ankle holsters, preferred by law enforcement for backup firearms, also serve as a discreet option during off-duty or covert operations.
CopsPlus is your trusted source for a comprehensive holster selection meeting diverse law enforcement needs.

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