Monadnock Model 8210 Spare Cuff Disposable Restraints

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Disposable Spare Cuff™ restraints provide a durable, temporary single cuff for controlling both wrists and ankles. It has a tensile strength of more than 300 lbs. (136kg) and provides ample space on its 1/2 in. (1.27 cm) width to write down subject information. Made of Super Tuff nylon, the Spare Cuff™ is available in both black and white and, when laid flat, measures 22 (55.88 cm) long.

  • Standard single cuff for controlling both wrists/forearms and ankles
  • 22″ (55.88cm) when laid flat
  • 1/2″ (1.27cm) wide with beveled edges to reduce potential for subject injury
  • Tensile strength of more than 400 lbs. (240kg)
  • Ample space for writing down subject information
  • Available in Black & White

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