Aker Model 115 Nightguard High-Ride Tactical Light Bearing Duty Holster for SIG Sauer P320 P320C w/ Streamlight TLR-1

Aker Leather
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The Nightguard™ Duty Series allows the officer to carry your duty weapon with a tactical light attached, as many departments are now requiring. Rather than using a separate pouch for your tactical light, you can now keep your weapon/light combo ready and easily available to use in low light situations.

Designed to sit higher on your duty belt, the 115 is great for those who prefer a faster draw. Retention is at Level I since it uses a thumb break and adjustable retention screw and spacer. The opening of the holster is reinforced with a plastic insert sewn between the leather so that it does not buckle after many years of drawing your weapon. There is also a sight channel sewn in, which allows for a smooth draw and does not let the sights drag agains the leather.

We line our holster with premium suede, protecting the finish of your gun and tactical light. Your trigger is fully covered to prevent an accidental discharge and the light is covered too, so you never have to worry about scratches or damage to the lens. The front of the holster is designed to accommodate popular red dot sights such as from Trijicon or Leupold. Fits SIG Sauer P320, SIG Sauer P320 Compact

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