Lightning Powder Magnetic/Regular Latent Powder Print Kit

Lightning Powder
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This kit contains both regular and magnetic dusting powders in wide-mouth jars. Both powders are Bi-Chromatic™, so you can dust either light or dark colored surfaces with acceptable contrast. The two different types of powder (Regular and Magnetic) allow you to dust many different types of surfaces. There is also storage in this kit for additional supplies, such as scissors, pens, pencils or a magnifying glass. Select between a Zephyr® brush or camelhair brush kit. The kit box measures 30.8cm x 18.4cm x 11.4cm (12.125" x 7.25" x 4.5") and contains: Bi-Chromatic Powder, 29g (2oz.), Bi-Chromatic Magnetic Powder, 74g (1oz.), Regular Camelhair, Magnetic Applicator, Clear Lifting Tape, 3.8cm x 9.1m (1.5” x 360"), Clear Lifting Tape, 5.1cm x 9.1m (2” x 360") & White Backing Cards, Pack of 100.

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