Sirchie CFPS100PF PrintMatic Flawless Autopalm Combination Print Station

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SIRCHIE's Combination Fingerprint- Autopalm Print Stations are just what the name implies—pedestal-mounted fingerprint and palm print stations. These sturdy, freestanding stations are built at regulation height for rolling and recording both fingerprints and palm prints. They feature a sliding top which may be locked into position for fingerprint recording and unlocked and slid back for access to the palm printing supplies. The stations are available with a regular Porelon pad, our series of PrintMatic fingerprint pads, an ink slab and roller or a PrintMatic pre-inked Porelon roller. Each is equipped with a Porelon palm roller and palm card roller. A storage area is provided behind the palm card roller for keeping record cards as well as other supplies.

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