Lightning Powder Printed Paper Evidence Bags (100 Pack)

Lightning Powder
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There’s no need for labels. Simply place your evidence inside the bag and seal it with an evidence seal or tape. You can log your information along with a chain of possession on the outside of the bag.

Style Sizing:
  • Style 4 (5.125” x 3.125” x 9.6875”) (13cm x 7.9cm x 24.6cm)
  • Style 12 (7.125” x 4.5” x 13.625”) (18.1cm x 11.4cm x 34.6cm)
  • Style 25 (8.125” x 6” x 15.75”) (20.6cm x 15.2cm x 40cm)
  • Style 86 (12” x 7” x 17”) (30.5cm x 17.8cm x 43.2cm)

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