North American Rescue 10-0060 Nasopharyngeal Airway - 28F (117mm) - Pre-Lubricated

North American Rescue
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The pre-lubricated nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) is an airway adjunct that can be used to secure an airway on patients with or without an intact gag reflex. The beveled tip and pre-lubricated, non-latex, soft flexible material ensures safe and effective insertion. Easy to use and ready to insert after opening, the pre-lubricated 28F (117mm) nasal airway provides maximum comfort and ease of insertion. Packaged in a durable pouch, the pre-lubrication provides smooth insertion, minimizing discomfort and potential trauma while eliminating procedure prep time. Additionally, the anatomical shape and soft material offer optimal conformity, reducing the risk of tissue damage and enhancing patient safety. Made in USA with high grade materials and designed for optimal efficiency and ease of use.

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