Garrett 1165900 THD Metal Detector

Garrett Security Systems
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Garrett's tactical handheld weapon detector offers innovative and reliable security solutions to organizations. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of law enforcement, school districts, and security teams, the THD is the perfect blend of power and portability. Its compact size does not compromise its effectiveness, making it a favored tool in high schools, bars/clubs, sporting events, government buildings, and more.

With its 360-degree detection field, this tactical weapon detector ensures no potential threat goes unnoticed, bringing peace of mind to security personnel and the communities they protect. Its silent vibrating alarm indicator ensures discretion in sensitive situations, while the built-in LED flashlight enhances visibility during inspections. This feature is typically used in low-light conditions or during night-time screenings, which is useful for scanning everyday items like IDs and for searching in pockets.

Specifications & Details:
  • Ultra-sensitive response to all ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel weapons, contraband, and other metallic objects.
  • Bright LED Flashlight for low light and night operations.
  • Useful for scanning IDs and for searching pockets, and handbags.
  • 360º Detection Field. Powerful 4-inch detection length.
  • Silent vibrating alarm with red LED alarm indicator, allowing security staff to operate discreetly
  • Water-resistant construction. Meets IEC 529 IP66 standards to operate safely in contact with water.
  • Rugged, high-impact case with weatherproof rubber grip. Exceeds Mil-Std 810F (drop test) Method 516.5, procedure II.
  • Easy On/Off battery cover.
  • Does not require adjustments.
  • Operating Frequency: 95 kHz

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