Aker Model 519 D.M.S. Cuff/Mag Combo for Single Stack .45

Aker Leather
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The Aker Leather 519 D.M.S.™ Combo™ handcuff and magazine combo pouch was the original dual carry combo pouch on the market. Constructed from the highest grade of vegetable tanned leather, the D.M.S.™ Combo™ features one solid brass tension screw so the wearer can adjust the security or speed of draw. It fits one standard chain handcuffs, including Smith & Wesson® Model 100 handcuffs and the Peerless® 700C and 730C, and one spare magazine. As with all D.M.S.™ accessories, the Combo™ comes standard with our custom injection molded quick on/quick off Air-Flo™ paddle unit. It features specially designed air holes that provide additional breathability during wear, especially on long rides or hot days. Twin barbs hook underneath the belt and grab your waistband to keep the pouch in place while you draw your handcuffs or magazine. However, it is also convenient to unhook and remove the pouch, placing it on your desk or in a drawer. The paddle unit is attached with two screws and washers, which can be unscrewed to remove the paddle. On the back of the pouch is a molded leather belt slot, if you prefer to use that method of carry. We recommend replacing the screws and washer so it does not snag on your clothes. Many federal agencies, such as the FBI, use this combo pouch for their detectives though it is also a great addition to your EDC equipment!

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