Gould & Goodrich 830 Gold Line Leather Magazine Case for Colt 1911

Gould & Goodrich
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Compact magazine pouch has a tension screw to adjust to your preference. Easy-on, easy-off paddle. The Gold Line offers the best quality leather concealment products. See the deep molding and polishing. The Gold Line feels right - definitely.
  • Fits Beretta 83, 85, 87, NANO; Colt Defender, Officer's ACP, 1991 Officer's, Commander, Combat Commander (all models), Lightweight CCO, Double Eagle Commander, Combat Elite, Delta Elite, Delta Gold Cup, Gold Cup, Double Eagle, Gov't. 1911, 1911A1, 1991A1; Glock 42, 43; Kahr Micro MK9, Elite MK9,MK40, E9,K9,P9, K40,P40, Covert 40; Kimber Ultra Carry .45, Ultra Elite, Ultra CDP, Compact, Compact CDP, Compact Carry, Pro Carry, Pro Elite, Pro CDP, Custom, Custom Target, Gold Match, Gold Combat, Royal; Ruger 1911 SIG P230, P232, P938; Walther PP, PPK, PPK/S, PPK/E., PPS M2

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