Safariland Model 074 Open Top Single Magazine Pouch for Beretta 92 96

Safariland Holsters & Duty Gear
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The Model 074 Magazine Pouch features a paddle design for easy on off convenience. Thermal molded SafariLaminate™ construction combined with the molded polymer paddle make this one of the best pouches for concealment use. It has an adjustable tensioning device that allows the user set the exact amount of friction required to remove the two magazines. It will fit belts up to 1.5 in. (38 mm) wide.

  • Paddle-style single magazine holder
  • Built-in locking mechanism that keeps the holder in place at all times
  • Fits belts up to 1.5" (38 mm) wide
  • Adjustable tension device
  • Fits Beretta 8000, Beretta 8040, Beretta 92 Brigadier, Beretta 92D, Beretta 92DS, Beretta 92F, Beretta 92FC, Beretta 92FCDA, Beretta 92FS, Beretta 92FS Centurion, Beretta 92G, Beretta 96, Beretta 96 Brigadier, Beretta 96D, Beretta 96DC, Beretta 96DS, Beretta 96G, Beretta 96 Centurion, Browning BDM, EAA Witness, Glock 48, Heckler & Koch P7M13, Ruger KP-89, Ruger KP-89 DAO, Ruger KP-89 DAOW, Ruger KP-89 DC, Ruger KP-89 DW, Ruger KP-89 W, Ruger KP-91 DAO, Ruger KP-91 DC, Ruger KP-95 D, Ruger KP-95 DAO, Ruger KP-944, Ruger KP-944 DAO, Ruger KP-944 DAOW, Ruger KP-944 DC, Ruger KP-944 DW, Ruger KP-944 W, Ruger P-85, Ruger P-89, Ruger P-89 DC, Ruger P-89 DW, Ruger P-89 W, Ruger P-91 DAO, Ruger P-91 DC, Ruger P-93, Ruger P-94, Ruger P-95 D, Ruger P-95 DAO, SIG Sauer P226, SIG Sauer P226R, SIG Sauer P226R MK25, SIG Sauer P226ST, SIG Sauer P228, SIG Sauer P229 Elite, SIG Sauer P320, SIG Sauer P320 Compact, SIG Sauer P365, SIG Sauer P365XL, Smith & Wesson 59, Smith & Wesson 459, Smith & Wesson 659, Smith & Wesson 669, Smith & Wesson 910, Smith & Wesson 915, Smith & Wesson 4006, Smith & Wesson 4013TSW, Smith & Wesson 4026, Smith & Wesson 4053TSW, Smith & Wesson 4056TSW, Smith & Wesson 5903, Smith & Wesson 5904, Smith & Wesson 5906, Smith & Wesson 5923, Smith & Wesson 5924, Smith & Wesson 5926, Smith & Wesson 5946, Smith & Wesson 6904, Smith & Wesson 6906, Smith & Wesson 6924, Smith & Wesson 6926, Smith & Wesson 6946, Springfield Armory P-9, Taurus PT-92, Taurus PT-92C, Taurus PT-99, Taurus PT-99C, Taurus PT-100, Walther P99

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