Safariland Model 77 Double Magazine Pouch for Colt Government 1911

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The Model 77 Double Magazine Pouch is designed to carry two magazines on a 2.25" (58mm) duty belt. The 77 features both vertical and horizontal belt slots, allowing it to ride in either a vertical or low-profile horizontal position. A magazine tension screw located between the two pouches allows for easy retention adjustment. It's constructed of rugged SafariLaminate.

  • Vertical/horizontal belt slots for regular/low-profile position
  • Tension screw allows you to adjust magazine retention
  • Span between pouches plus low cut allow for a quick and easy draw
  • Part of the 6004/6005 tactical system
  • Fits AMT Hardballer, Beretta 92FCM, Beretta 92FM, Beretta 92DM, Colt Combat Elite, Colt Commander, Colt Delta Elite, Colt Delta Gold Cup, Colt Gold Cup National Match, Colt Government 1911, Colt Officers .45 ACP, Heckler & Koch P7, Heckler & Koch P7M8, Kimber Classic Custom 45, Kimber Custom Royal, Kimber Gold Match, Kimber KIP45CUS, Kimber Gold Combat RL II, Ruger P345, SIG Sauer P220, SIG Sauer P220ST, SIG Sauer P220R, SIG Sauer P220R Compact, SIG Sauer P245, Smith & Wesson 39, Smith & Wesson 439, Smith & Wesson 639, Smith & Wesson 3953TSW, Smith & Wesson 4013, Smith & Wesson 4014, Smith & Wesson 4053, Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special CS9, Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special CS40, Smith & Wesson Chiefs Special CS45, Springfield Armory 1911-A1, Wilson Combat 1911 CQB

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