Aker Model 654 Flashlight Holder, Surefire 6P

Aker Leather
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  • Slim open top, open bottom flashlight holder.
  • Features a passive, pull-through retention device to prevent losing one's flashlight.
  • Available for the Streamlight Strion LED and similar flashlights
  • Snaps on to belt up to 2-1/4".
  • Made with premium cowhide and solid brass snaps.
  • Compatible with the following flashlights: Streamlight Scorpion X, Streamlight Scorpion HL, Streamlight Strion LED, Streamlight Strion DS LED, Streamlight TL-2, Surefire 6PX, Surefire P3X Fury, Surefire 9P, Surefire G2X Pro, Surefire G2X Tactical, Nightstick TAC-300, Nightstick TAC-410XL, Nightstick USB-558XL, Nightstick TAC-560XL, Pelican 7100, & Pelican M6

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