Aker Model 554 Flashlight Holder, Polystinger

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  • Slim open top, open bottom flashlight holder.
  • Features a passive, pull-through retention device to prevent losing one's flashlight.
  • Available for the Streamlight Stinger and similar models
  • Snaps on to belt up to 2-1/4".
  • Made with premium cowhide and solid brass snaps.
  • Compatible with the following flashlights: Streamlight Stinger LED, Streamlight Stinger LED HP, Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL, Streamlight Stinger XT, Streamlight Stinger Classic LED, Streamlight Stinger Classic, Surefire Fury Intellibeam, Surefire P1R Peacekeeper, Pelican 7000, Pelican 2360 LED, & Pelican 2370 LED

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