Source Tactical Tactical 3L Hydration Backpack w/ 3L (100 oz) Widepac Hydraton Bladder

Source Tactical
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Versatile tactical hydration pack with various user modes: it can be worn backpack style, inserted in a backpack, or directly attached via MOLLE on vests or backpacks using the QCA buckle system. Large NC Filler Cap allows for refilling without removing bladder from pack.

Tactical Pack Features:
  • Dual function: can be worn backpack style or quickly converted for direct armor attachment or backpack insertion; quick-release shoulder straps folded into the back pocket to load into a large pack or mount on gear.
  • External fill port with integral refill handle for fast and easy refill on-the-move without spilling.
  • Closed-cell insulation keeps water cool.
  • Adjustable sternum strap for enhanced stability.
  • Elastic secured loops keep loose strap-ends from dangling.
  • QCA System connects instantly to vests and packs with no additional straps or hardware required.
  • Drain eyelet drains condensation in the insulated reservoir sleeve.
  • Zippered top opening allows quick and easy access to the reservoir for cleaning, draining or replacement.
  • Vertical zipper provides quick access to the tube/bladder connector for the installation of personal filtration systems.

WXP Hydraton Bladder Features:
  • Hi-Flow Storm-Valve: no-bite push-pull valve with integrated shut-off mechanism; easy disassembly for cleaning.
  • Angled Valve turns 360 degrees for perfect valve/mouth orientation; allows tube to be 25cm shorter; less excess tube bouncing around the chest.
  • Dirt shield valve cover to protect mouthpiece from dirt.
  • QMT Valve/Tube connector with shut-off allows quick and no drip attachment to respirator, micro filter etc.
  • Cool Weave Cover Tube insulates and blocks UV-light; water stays cool and inhibits bacteria growth.
  • Large NC Filler Cap: Air tight, low profile, one hand operated with a new fill handle.
  • Taste-Free System: Co-extruded PE film retains pure liquid taste without plastic flavor; BPA and phtalate free.
  • Glass-Like Film with Grunge-Guard Technology: Inhibits bacteria growth on reservoir and drinking tube surfaces.
  • Care-Free: Cleaning by simply rinsing the system and hanging it opened until dry (if used with water).
  • Widepac Closure: Patented slide closure for easy draining and cleaning; airtight seal.

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