NcStar BGBPS3003 Model 3003 Backpack

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  • The main backpack storage compartment measures 17" x H x 12" x W x 4" x D. The outside of the backpack features 3 zippered compartments measuring: 10" x H x 10.5W x 1.5" x D compartment, 9" x W x 7.5" x H, & 10" x H x 10.5W pockets. On each sides of the backpack features elastic top mesh pockets perfect for carrying water bottles or small items.
  • There is a dedicated body armor storage compartment for the front carrier and a pocket for the back body armor panel/plate. This compartment has a flap with magnetic fasteners to secure the compartment.
  • The front body armor carrier has 1" x webbing that runs down each of the backpack straps. All the wearer has to do is grab each 1" x webbing with each hands and pull up and over the head to deploy the front carrier from inside the backpack to the front of the torso of the wearer. The 1" x webbing straps can then be wrapped around the waist and buckles together.The front carrier can hold a 10" x x 12" x shooters cut soft body armor panel. The front body armor carrier can be adjusted for height for the proper coverage of the front torso. The front carrier can be detached/removed from the backpack. The top straps can be buckled together and placed over the head and neck to wear individually (like a bib) and separated from the backpack.
  • The rear carrier is stationary pocket inside the backpack close to the wearer's back. It can hold hard or soft body armor plates/panels up to 16.5" x H x 11.5" x W.

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