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Complete gunsmithing punch set with a pin alignment tool.

Gunsmithing punches are core tools needed to modify or disassemble firearms. Most sets available today are generic repurposed hardware sets. Accu-Punch Master Punch set is designed from the ground up to work better on guns. Finely-made, quality selection of punches includes:

  • Hardened steel, nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant flat tip metal punch set for removing and installing solid pins
  • Hardened steel, nickel-plated, corrosion-resistant roll pin punches for removing and installing hollow pins and tension springs
  • Soft brass, flat tip punches for minimizing the risk of damage of high-value collectibles
  • Elongated, flat on one side AR15 bolt catch punch and bolt catch pin starter
  • Auxiliary tools including staking punch and resin finishing punch
  • Proprietary Pin Alignment Tool for aligning and starting tiny pins, protects your fingers from smashing with a hammer

All punches are clearly labeled. Rubber o-ring ensures a secure grip, prevents slippage and reduces the risk of marring. The entire set is organized in a durable, easy-access case, helping you stay organized and eliminate clutter on your gunsmithing bench. and making it easy to access all the tools.

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