Otis Technology FG-2715PD-200 .223/5.56mm Star Chamber Cleaning Pads (200 Pack)

Otis Technology
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For avid .223 cal/5.56mm MSR/AR owners, you’ll want to stock up on these cleaning pads to make cleaning the star chamber area a little easier. Composed of industrial wool felt, the star chamber cleaning pad can be used to apply oil or solvent evenly or remove loosened carbon from the star chamber area. These pad thread onto the Otis Star Chamber Scraper Tool or any standard 8-32 thread gun cleaning rod. The reusable storage tube contains 200 star chamber cleaning pads.

  • Pack of 200 .223 cal/5.56mm star chamber cleaning pads in reusable storage tube
  • Applies oil or CLP evenly in star chamber
  • Removes loosened carbon from .223 cal/5.56mm star chamber
  • Threads onto Star Chamber Scraper Tool or any standard gun cleaning rod
  • Composed of industrial wool felt
  • Made in the USA

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