Peerless Model 703CHS High Security Chain-Link Leg Iron Handcuffs & Keys, Nickel

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The Model 703CHS is a high security leg iron designed for high risk prisoner restraint and transport situations. The Model 703CHS does not operate with a standard handcuff key. The Model 705CHS incorporates Model 705C Oversize Leg Iron with a MEDECO® or ASSA® Desmo high security lock system and aluminum housing.

MEDECO® and ASSA® Desmo are recognized leaders in pick resistance lock systems. Multiple sets can be ordered with two different key options. Each set can be keyed alike or each set can be keyed different. Both MEDECO® and ASSA® Desmo use restricted key control systems to prevent unauthorized key duplication.

Now available with the new Dead Bolt Security option. Dead Bolt Security compliments the standard lock with an additional locking position for added security. When engaged, the Dead Bolt feature helps to secure the double lock against brute force and finessed picking and shimming attacks. The Dead Bolt option is only available with new or existing Medeco style key plans.

Other features include spun rivet construction and double lock capability. All products come with two keys, a double lock activator, and a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect. Made in USA.

  • Minimum inside perimeter: 7.5 inches / 191 mm
  • Material/Finish: Carbon Steel / Nickel / Aluminum
  • Maximum inside perimeter: 10 inches / 254 mm
  • Minimum opening: 2.75 inches / 70 mm
  • Maximum overall length: 24.25 inches / 616 mm
  • Weight: 25oz

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