Sabre 82H2O46-R High Volume Streamer (MK-46) Pepper Spray, 1.33% MC, 46.0 Ounces, REFILL

Sabre Red Pepper Spray
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When dealing with dangerous groups on the street, in prisons or jails or anywhere else, officers need nonlethal equipment they can count on to quell the disturbance. the SABRE Red 1.33% MC 46-Oz. MK-46 High-Volume Streamer provides dependable performance as well as superior range. The high amount of major capsaicinoids used in this product adds to its effectiveness.

This High-Volume Streamer (82H2046) deploys 15 full one-second bursts at a range of 25 to 30 feet. The MK-46 is ideal for crowd management and correctional applications.

Advantages & Benefits:
  • For Law Enforcement Only
  • 5-year Shelf Life
  • Backed by eye, skin & inhalation testing
  • Non-flammable/EID compatible

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