Sabre STU-HC-00 Water Practice Spray (Hardcase) w/ Twist Lock

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Practicing any skill helps you to become better, making new abilities easier to perform. That's why practice spray is so important for new pepper spray users or those who haven't used it in a long time. SABRE's Practice Spray with Twist Lock contains SABRE's inert water-based formula, so it does not affect anyone it comes into contact with while practicing. Its 10-foot (3 meter) range helps you learn how to deploy your pepper spray at a safe distance away from the target. Just like a real pepper spray canister, this SABRE Practice Spray features a twist lock safety and has an ergonomic finger grip, helping users to build muscle memory and familiarity before needing to possibly use the real thing. Includes a keyring attachment to practice with the spray attached to your keys, simulating a real-life situation and making it easier to carry on the go.

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