Defense Technology 5125 First Defense Inert Cone Delivery (MK-2) Training Spray, 1.0 Ounces

Defense Technology Pepper Spray
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The First Defense Inert formulation provides the same functionality and targeting properties as active product duplicating the delivery system for training purposes. The MK-2 will deliver 7-10 short bursts of OC at an effective range of 10-12 ft. This inert aerosol product utilizes a cone delivery method providing a wide spray pattern for easier target acquisition. Eye protection should be worn during any force on force training, even though this formula is eye safe.

  • The green canister represents the inert training units which duplicate the delivery system for live products.
  • This formulation has been tested and is non-flammable and Electronic Discharge Weapon (EDW) safe.
  • Defense Technology First Defense Inert Aerosols are produced in an ISO rated manufacturing facility.

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