Bianchi Model 7000 Adjust-A-Strap AccuMold Sporting Holster for Smith & Wesson K Frame (6" bbl)

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The Model 7000 holster is custom molded for an exacting fit. The Adjust-A-Strap™ front strap closure offers a secure fit over the hammer, allowing the holster to fit several similar sized guns. The injection-molded belt loop securely fits 1.75 in. (45 mm) belt widths and the 10 degree forward cant aids in comfort and ease of draw. AccuMold construction features high density closed-cell foam sandwiched between a ballistic weave outer material and a unique Coptex™ poly-knit lining for a smooth draw.

  • Ideal for field, hunting and concealment carry
  • Contour-molded, high-density trilaminate AccuMold® construction for an exacting fit
  • Hi-ride carry with closed muzzle and 10° forward cant that aids in both comfort and presentation
  • Unique Coptex™ poly-knit lining for a smooth draw
  • Sleek front strap closure incorporates Adjust-A-Strap™ feature to ensure a secure fit over the hammer
  • 1.75” (45mm) injection-molded belt slot
  • Fits Smith & Wesson K Frame (6" bbl), Colt King Cobra (6" bbl), Colt Python (6" bbl), Llama Comanche (6" bbl), Llama Martial (6" bbl), Ruger GP100 (6" bbl), Taurus 66 (6" bbl), Taurus 80 (6" bbl), Taurus 669 (6" bbl)

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