Safariland Model 6354 ALS Tactical Thigh Holster for Colt Government 1911

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The Model 6354 is a open top holster features the Automatic Locking System (ALS®), an internal locking device that retains the weapon in all directions with no snaps or straps to manipulate. Key to comfort and stability are the double leg strap and leg shroud. The leg harness is lightweight and simple to operate. Suede lining helps protect the gun's sights and finish.

  • ALS® (Automatic Locking System) secures weapon once holstered; simple straight-up draw once release is deactivated
  • Open-top design for quick retrieval of weapon
  • SafariLaminate™ thermoformed construction is highly durable
  • Soft suede lining protects weapon’s finish and sights
  • Hood Guard is standard; optional ALS Guard available
  • Adjustable belt attachment usable with all belt sizes
  • Silicone-backed dual leg straps minimize movement
  • Leg shroud accepts ELS, QLS, and MLS mounts for adding accessories
  • Fits AMT Hardballer, Colt Combat Elite, Colt Delta Elite, Colt Delta Gold Cup, Colt Gold Cup National Match, Colt Government 1911, Kimber KIP45CUS, Kimber Gold Combat RL II w/ Light Rail, Kimber Warrior w/ Light Rail, Para-Ordnance 14.45, Para-Ordnance 14.45 LDA, Para-Ordnance 14.45 LDA LTD, Para-Ordnance 14.45 LTD, Para-Ordnance 16.40, Para-Ordnance 16.40 LDA LTD, Para-Ordnance 16.40 LTD, Para-Ordnance 18.90, Para-Ordnance 18.90 LDA, Para-Ordnance 7.45 LDA, Para-Ordnance Todd Jarrett 1911, Springfield Armory 1911-A1, Wilson 1911

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