Bianchi Model 150 Negotiator Ankle Holster w/ Adjustable Leg Strap for SIG Sauer P365

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The 150 Negotiator Ankle holster is constructed of full grain, premium grade cowhide. It has genuine sheepskin lining on the inside of the neoprene leg wrap for comfort and breathability. The holster features a slight forward cant for ease of draw. The two-inch adjustable leg strap is secured to the holster via a vertical elastic strap and rides on the calf just below the knee. It attaches around the leg with double wrap hook and loop for security.

  • Neoprene leg strap expands to fit comfortably around leg
  • Lined with genuine sheepskin for comfort and breathability
  • 2” adjustable elastic leg strap secures and keeps holster in place
  • Holster is canted for ease of draw
  • Available in full grain leather
  • Fits SIG Sauer P365

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