NcStar MSHBDREM Shotgun Barrel & Magazine Tube Rail Mount & Micro-Dot Reflex Sight for Remington 870

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  • Remington® 870/1100/11-87 Barrel and Magazine Tube Rail/Mount and DGAB Micro Reflex Optic Combo
  • Micro Dot Base on the Barrel and Magazine Rail/Mount allows you to mount the DGAB as low as possible on the rail. Remove the Weaver/Picatinny base mount from the Micro Dot and you can mount the DGAB directly to the MD Base on the cantilevered rail mount.
  • Green Dot Micro Dot Reflex Optic with Auto ON/OFF and Brightness sensor
  • LED (Light Emitting Diode) 100% Safe for the Eyes
  • Unlimited Eye Relief
  • Powered by 3 Volt Lithium Batteries (CR2032) included
  • Includes Extra Battery, Lens Covers, and Mounting/Adjustment Tools
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Body
  • *** Shotgun Barrel MD/Rail Mount - Remington® 870/1100/11-87 ***
  • Fits many of the Express Tactical/Special Purpose/Police models of Remington® 870/1100/11-87 models with extended 12G Magazine tubes. Mounts onto Barrel and 1" Magazine tube.
  • The Mount and Rails are fully Customizable. The Mount can be configured into a Dozen different configurations to suite the Shooter's requirements.
  • Dedicated Cantilevered Micro Dot mount is compatible with NcSTAR Micro-Dot Reflex Optics: DDAB, DDABG, DDABL, DGAB, DXDAB, and DXGAB
  • Includes Rail Adapter for the Micro-Dot Base for mounting Weaver/Picatinny type accessories/optics on top of the Cantilever mount.
  • Includes two side Weaver/Picatinny type rails for attaching Accessories like Flashlight & Lasers to your Shotgun.
  • Micro-Dot Base Compatible with NcSTAR® Micro-Dot Optics: DDAB, DDABG, DDABL, DGAB, DXDAB,DXGAB
  • All Aluminum Construction. Black Anodized finish

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