QUIQLITE TAQ Wallet Minimalist RFID Blocking Tactical Wallet LED Flashlight

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The QuiqLite TAQ Wallet is the newest addition to their line of taqtical (tactical) products designed for public safety professionals. TAQ Wallet is a tactical wallet with a high-power USB rechargeable LED flashlight with Safety Strobe, integrated bottle cap opener, Screwdriver, Glass breaking tip and Carabiner attachment site. TAQ Wallet will deliver from 75 up to 150 lumens of light on demand with the push of a button. Manufactured from high strength aircraft aluminum, Stainless Steel and Nylon, TAQ Wallet will take an assortment of punishment and provide years of dependable service!

  • Flashlight Mode:
    • 1st push of on/off button activates dual white LED at 75 lumens
    • If more light is required double push the on/off button to increase lumens from 75 to 150
    • Double push on/off button again and the LED will reduce back down to 75 lumens
  • Safety Strobe Mode:
    • Push and hold button down for 2 seconds to activate LED safety strobe (no auto-off timer)
  • TAQ Wallet uses a micro USB charging port. Insert the supplied micro USB charging cord into the TAQ Wallet and plug directly into a computer USB port, or other micro USB port with a minimum output of 5 volts. A red LED charging indicator can be seen through the main LED lens:
    • CHARGING: - Red LED is steady
    • CHARGED: - Red LED is flashing

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